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Why Strive?

Why Strive?

What good are standards, when half assed sometimes feels like its plenty enough?

  I watched a badass athlete bang a workout that I’d done earlier that day. It got me thinking…
  It was a basic three round couplet of 20 power cleans and 60 double unders. As I set the bar and began my lifts, 20 seemed COMPLETELY unreasonable. I was able to do them unbroken that round but not for the subsequent two.
  It was hard.
  Then came the jumproping…my head started getting louder at this time. It’s a voice I’ve grown intimate with. I argue with it. Cuss it. See the reasonableness of it…sometimes I even agree with it.
  I never let my body follow its advice though. I often just tell him “thanks for sharing, can we now hear from someone else in the class.” to the community that lives in my head.
  Then I get dirty and grind it out. I dig. I coach myself with particular cues to think about instead. That practice takes up the space where the loudmouth usually chatters. It also gives me focus to task specific success.
  I finish what I set out to do. I complete every rep with the finest form I can muster at the highest rate of speed that I’m able.
  I time it.
  I get a score.
  I think of what I can do better next time for better performance or function.
  It’s fun. That may be the most important thing…as I grind it out, I focus on my smile. It’s of great benefit. If I’m not smiling through my choices in this life, then what’s the point??
  So there I am. Watching this great athletic kid do the workout I smashed earlier.  He stops at 10cleans and begins his DU’s. he stops at 31 and pick the bar up.
  17 cleans.
  39 DU’s.
 10 cleans!!!!
57 doubles….he triumphantly calls out “TIME!”.
…as if a thousand things…it was enough/he’d gotten the metabolic response he was after/he was “fast”/he “won”/etc.
  “Why strive?”.
I grind for this reason: I want to be better than yesterday and I want to finish the hard thing. I want an honest conversation about my fitness and performance in order to meet my goals…and a THOUSAND other reasons.
 …and I do it #EveryDamnDay. #StayBulletproof y’all.

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