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The Learned

The Learned

Where scholars and those heavy in book knowledge go wrong, is in application.

Ideas on a map when routing a coursing or directing a battle look a certain way. The thing is, the battles in this life aren’t in a cellulose construct of our own machinations and imagination. We must be ready to have loose and nimble minds, prepared for all sorts of eventualities when our boots are on the ground.

It’s by this principle that I haven’t held much with scholars, theorists or those that study the game as spectators. They usually offer little to zero insight that could be construed as helpful or even true.

Studying is good…I’m a fan, but don’t let it fuck up your Golden Ratio of Action.

Get in the game.

Finding my own experience has been the most vital and helpful exercise of my life: and it NEVER ends. So goddamn exciting it makes me tingle. I feel like I’m rambling…my point might be a lot of things…I think I can distill it down to; Being a spectator is for suckers trying to stay clean in this life–let’s let the Universe color us FILTHY with it’s Beauty….


- Tait Fletcher

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