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Living without boundaries

Many talk of this idea, but what’s it mean? Between all the “Yolo” pronouncements mixed with “max out every day”-type chatter it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff at times. It’s rare I come into contact with someone who uses those proclamations, without it being tongue in cheek, whose life is very enviable or inspired.

I’d heard someone say once, “I know it’s not forever, though.” while she was speaking of how beautiful and exciting her life was. I shook my head thoughtlessly in agreement, as things change and cycle, and as growth continues, someone else takes your spot sometimes, especially in sports, etc….everyone is “hot” for a beat and then it fades and flips to the next person (idea/teeshirt/song/actor/etc) that is in line and coming up.

Sad realisation. Thankfully it’s also not true.

We are Immortal and we are One…that next person in line is you. That person across the cage is you. That energy not yet manifested as a human yet is you….and dogs and ants and air and water and rocks…we aren’t separate yet many live with our backs to the wall as if we are defending our place against all those things.
To the extent I realise The Grand Illusion of Separation is to the degree that I can celebrate YOU & you and you….I need us all to win, and if one doesn’t we all fail.

This isn’t to say we shouldn’t compete relentlessly and sometimes savagely…but it’s important we realise the Truth so that when we do compete, we can throw it all out there fearlessly…knowing that we can’t lose…unless we hold back by trying to hang onto the Illusion.

Most people that “feel” like they’re in competition with everyone are actually spectators. How bout we all just jump into our own greatness…the real competition….better than yesterday. #TriumphIsContagious


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