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Intensity: The Engine That Drives Us All

Intensity: The Engine That Drives Us All

  There are many discussions on intensity.  It’s the real banger out of the triumvirate of Functional Movements, Constantly Varied at High Intensity.
  Coaching has it’s own special nuances in seeing how individual athletes confront this part of their arsenal.  For myself, I had always looked to my coaches for approval. I worked hard through broken bones, cuts and incredible, painful fatigue to merit their pride.  That being my goal, I always felt I worked VERY hard. 
  Strangely enough, it wasn’t until my last couple years as a Professional MMA Athlete that I began to see how little I knew about my own capacity, ability or what giving 100% really meant.  That’s a sobering realization which got me thinking about that little bastard that lives in each athletes head that whines, “I can’t”, or even less acceptable things.  In life we have to find an Intensity suitable and appropriate for the situation.  In CrossFit or in Combat competition, it’s gotta be turned up.
  Each athlete has their own idea of intensity and my job is to always be pushing the needle up a bit for them. Yet that encouragement must be conjoined with an intuition on when to reel them back. It’s a delicate dance that happens before athletes start to really look towards their possible potential for guidance, instead of nudging by a Coach.
  I feel that as a coach it’s partially my responsibility to help athletes prove that voice to be a damn liar.  That’s the voice that robs us of INTENSITY.  Not of Physical intensity, but mental intensity…emotional intensity if you will.  That leads us into a discussion about the difference between Emotional Intensity and Physical Intensity…but that’s for tomorrow’s blog.
  My request would be for our Tribe…our Undisputed community, to list the things you have done that you knew you couldn’t do before having joined us.  Discipline on an eating regimine to wellness? Competed in a Grappling tourney? SMASHED a grappling tourney? A clean?  Ran all the parts of a MetCon without stopping?  Began to smile frequently?  A PULLUP??? Anything, guys.


  Much love.


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