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Gettin’ Raw

Gettin’ Raw

What is it?
That one emotional moment where you’re bare. Vulnerable. Ego-less. Humbled.

Why do I, or some of you who feel me, yearn for that to the point where it’s scheduled into our day? To get into the “Pain Cave”….why the heck do I want that? What’s the payoff?!?
Well, for me, short term. It allows me to become open to the possibility that impossible is possible and that the difficult unreasonable thing is what must be done. It helps me to refrain from shrinking from my life. My life is instantly fuller for that.
In the long Term…I get a better functioning body that I enjoy living in…I get a sharper mind and my consciousness is heightened to where life tastes sweeter/I’m more useful to my community/I become a leader and a pillar for those in my life.
I never knew that would happen…it was a result.
A result of me doing the hard thing every damn day. A result of me facing the scary thing. Of doing it simply because it is scary.
I get raw every single day. When was your last go? Do you find it valuable?
(Ps…I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it without you!!)
-Tait Fletcher


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