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Episode 19. Jodi Mitic


So I’m chatting with a guy online that I figure, “Hey, I’ll send some White Gold beans to and see what he thinks.”

Then we chat a bit later in the week and he says, “I’ll be in LA these upcoming dates.” I wasn’t sure where I’d be as I was in the middle of filming a movie in NYC. Talk more and find out we can meet up for a workout/maybe a podcast. Then he tells me that vice.com is interviewing him. Why? Because he’s combing the hills for treatment for PTSD. “Nice, bro. Pet project?” “Kind of.” He answers. “I lost my feet in an explosion and I don’t have it, yet many friends do. I wanna dispel myths and get them treated.”

Turns out, Jodi Mitic is a Special Forces sniper in Canada and a man of such humility that he doesn’t bring it up until asked.

Look for a part 2 a week from now.

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