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 Fighter, Stunt Man, Actor & Speaker – Tait Fletcher “


Tait Fletcher has had quite an enigmatic history. The complexities and accomplishments of his road are not lost on him. He was born and raised in Michigan and it was here that his work ethic and diligence afforded him a scholarship at St. Johns College, a classical literature studies program, in Santa Fe, NM. While looking for a distraction from a grueling study schedule, Tait found what was to become the finest MMA gym in the world, Jackson-Winklejoa hn MMA. He started as a distraction from school, but soon everything else became a distraction. Over the next decade Tait rose to one of the best grapplers in the world. He was championed and medaled in hundreds of tournaments, including the Mundials, Pan-Am Games, Grapplers Quest and many more, he earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He fought in several hundred stick fights with the Dog Brothers and Stray Dog fighting fraternities.  His love of the sport and competitive nature evolved to his career as a respected MMA fighter. Tait was a forerunner in the sport of MMA through its crucial growing period. What he learned as a professional fighter ingrained in him the most important tools and values he has.

Stunt Man

Nearing the end of his interest in MMA, Tait decided to pursue another life-long dream of being a Stunt Man. As he strode successfully down that road, many directors and stunt coordinators had different ideas for Tait and saw within him a natural ability on screen. It became time for Tait to sharpen up his skills as an actor, a dream that seemed impossibly unattainable, but as he’d always shown in his history, the unreasonable dream was always a welcome challenge!


Like the world of fighting the natural progression of Tait’s commitment to his onscreen craft has led him from working as a stuntman in such hits as Paul, Thor and Red Dawn, to being featured with acting roles in Schwarzenegger’s Last Stand and as the villain hunting Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in this years hit, 2Guns. What I’m getting at is this kid is one to watch in the action world!!


Tait also helps many others achieve their dreams too. It is something he has carried with him throughout his life. He’s well studied in nutrition and functional movement, as one would imagine and he has taken many of his old teammates at Jackson’s Gym to new levels of excellence. Tait owns and manages his own gym specializing in empowerment in Santa Fe, New Mexico, called Undisputed Fitness. Undisputed Fitness contains 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and CrossFit Santa Fe. He is also busy creating a podcast called the Tait Fletcher Show, at the urging of his good friend Joe Rogan. The Tait Fletcher show is his vehicle for urging, empowering, educating and engaging with his growing fan base and helping others towards further function and confidence in their life. So stay tuned and #staybulletproof.


  1. 2 Guns (2013) (post-production) [Actor …. Mini]
  2. We’re the Millers (2013) (post-production) [Actor …. Creepy trucker]
  3. The Lone Ranger (2013) (post-production) [Actor …. Grizzled Soldier] [stunt player]
  4. Get a Job (2013) (completed)������������������������[Actor …. Security Guard] [stunt performer]
  5. The Last Stand (2013) [Actor …. Eagan] [stunts]
  6. Gambit (2012/I) [stunts]
  7. Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden (2012) (TV) [Actor …. D-Punch] [stunt performer]… aka “Code Name: Geronimo” – UK (imdb display title), USA (working title)
  8. Red Dawn (2012) [stunts]
  9. “Punk’d: Lucy Hale (#9.5)” (2012) TV Episode [Self]
  10. The Avengers (2012) [stunts] (uncredited)… aka “Avengers Assemble” – Ireland, UK (imdb display title)… aka “Marvel’s The Avengers” – USA (complete title)… aka “The Avengers: An IMAX 3D Experience” – International (English title)��������(IMAX version)… aka “Avengers” – Japan
  11. The Reunion (2011/II) [Actor …. Bodyguard]
  12. Fright Night (2011) [Actor …. Nightclub Security Guy]
  13. Thor (2011) [utility stunts] (as Tait G. Fletcher)… aka “The Mighty Thor” – International (English title)… aka “Mighty Thor” – Japan
  14. Paul (2011/I) [stunts]
  15. Hunter’s Moon��(2010) [Actor]
  16. “Scoundrels: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire (#1.3)” (2010) TV Episode [Actor …. Inmated] (uncredited)
  17. Jonah Hex (2010) [Actor …. Nasty Gunner] [stunt performer] (uncredited)
  18. “In Plain Sight: One Night Stan (#2.6)” (2009) TV Episode [Actor …. Big Guy]
  19. Felon (2008) [Actor …. White Inmate]
  20. “The Ultimate Fighter: Fresh Meat (#3.1)” (2006) TV Episode [Actor …. Himself]
  21. “Wildfire: Identity (#1.9)” (2005) TV Episode [Actor …. Tatooed Guy]
  22. Lockdown (2000) [Actor …. Shaz]

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