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Mind the Moments. The Moments are Everything!

Mind the Moments. The Moments are Everything!

While reflecting on my experiences of life, I began thinking if the experiences that had the most profound & positive impacts on me in the formation of my character. The time I spent in a halfway house for several months when I was a kid was def one of those times.

Two men in particular came to mind. They were counselors as a profession and were there, basically, to impart knowledge and tools with which to navigate society and not end up in places like graveyards/hospitals/jails/or said halfway house ever again. They were like cowboys. Grizzled and faces etched with time and wisdom. Vietnam vets and bikers. Mike had a bumper sticker on his desk that typified both their attitudes: “what are ya gonna do? Send me back to Vietnam?”. They were men. Proud and honorable…I reflected today on what made them that way.

You see, I’m kinda lazy and tend to believe in magic. It’s a nature of mine I must keep in check. I figured that folks that were persistent/honest/diligent/charismatic/kind/lived with fear/etc, were just made that way. I never considered that the way those men carried themselves, a way that reflected strongly upon me, was a fucking CHOICE. In each moment. They chose. And they are beautiful and immortal in that choice.

It really reminds me to, today, in each moment, raise my consciousness about my choices…to be the man I would look up to…to be the man that they’d be proud of…to know their time wasn’t wasted.

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