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10,000 Hours

10,000 Hours

I spent years in these gyms…different cities…transient faces…a few stable assassins that were the pillars of those schools…and the same smell.

Victory. Hope. Salvation. Brotherhood. Struggle. Lots of struggle. Coming in whether I feel like it or not. Relentless pursuit of a dream that is barely visible through the cloudy haze of life–bills/girlfriends/rent/family/doubt/fear…obstacle after obstacle. “Get comfortable with overcoming obstacles Tait. Obstacles stop many men. Which will stop you?”

I put myself in dozens of bad positions. The purpose was to struggle. To become “comfortable where other men are uncomfortable”, as Coach Jackson would say.

Finding breath and comfort in high pressure positions of deficit proved so valuable. ESCAPING those positions was more valuable. We wouldn’t get comfortable for the sake of it…escape…and prevail. That was the point.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours inside “kill” positions. The grandmaster, Eddie Bravo (best Jits instructor to ever lay it down), made impossible possible. Starting in a full d’arce/RNC/guillotine/etc gave me resilience…taught me to bide my time…until it was MY time.

Thousands of hours inside triangles. No one triangles me. Not for years. It’s taken me years/not hours….years of putting myself in bad positions. In doing so, I can succeed.


Ed - 10. May, 2013 -

T, Always inspirational but I’d never want to scrap with you. Thanks bud. @authcrew

The Boss - 18. May, 2013 -

Thank goodness we shan’t ever find out. Keep striving, my friend!

LaCie - 11. May, 2013 -

Beautiful writing and great inspiration. Excited to see where this goes!

The Boss - 18. May, 2013 -

Me too. Im only now beginning to learn…

Ana - 18. May, 2013 -

well said Sir – I like your description of ‘the committee’ – Its the same with me – also putting myself in really bad places… you are consistently inspirational

The Boss - 18. May, 2013 -

Thank you so much.

Jeff Ball - 17. Jun, 2013 -

Good words. One of my children is very depressed and it’s easy for me to wish things were different…better to get comfortable.

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